Changing Shores - Legend of the King Carp

A relaxing fishing game made for the Godot Fire Charity Jam for the theme: Everything Changes

We are all very happy with the way the game came together and the number of features we were able to implement. For the theme we choose a fishing game, we think a fun one at that. 

The time of day and night is always changing as is the weather. The seasons are unique, with their own tile sheets and music to go with them. The different seasons also affect the types of fish available.

Myself Lead Programmer (not really, Merto did most of the hard stuff), but I did do some ok pixel art...

Merto - Second Programmer 

FX and Sound Engineers:

A special thanks to Merto who has been the steadily flowing river on this project, always moving forward and pushing on, thanks, Bud.

Sound people what can I say, awesome work, just awesome, we had some sort of vision for the game but we never realized we would have such a wonderful soundtrack, each season music is just bliss, thanks to you all.

Thanks to ArMM1998 for the basic tileset CC0.

Let's go fishing...

Move with arrows or WASD

Left mouse click to cast,  Right mouse button to reel in

TIP Speak to people and help them out

TIP Don't get lost, follow the paths

TIP Some fish can only be seen and caught in some seasons, check the journal for more info

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, fish, Fishing, Pixel Art

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